Wizard101 - Damage Calculator
Card School Type
School Boost (%)
School Boost (+)
Damage Type
Card Damage - Min
Card Damage - Max
Card Damage
Card Damage
Total Pips
Initial Damage(?)
Over Time Damage
Global Aura(%)
Personal Aura(%)
Blades(+) and Debuff(-) (%)
Traps(+) and Shields(-) (%)
Enemy Internal Boost(%)
Minimum Calculated Damage
Maximum Calculated Damage
Critical(?) Minimum Damage
Critical(?) Maximum Damage
Calculated Damage
Critical(?) Damage
Calculated Damage
Critical(?) Damage
Initial(?) Damage
Damage Over 3 Rounds
Critical(?) Initial Damage
Critical(?) DOT Damage

Special thanks to Reddit user TheMarioPianist. Their contributions allowed for this calculator to be as accurate as it can be.

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